Stranger Danger - Safety Tips for Kids (BEWARE OF STRANGERS!) Educational Kids Cartoon

While at a drive-in movie, Michael goes to the bathroom alone and encounters a stranger, teaching the importance of staying cautious. Join Michael, Natalia, and friends in learning how to stay safe from strangers!

Dinosaur Scary Exciting Adventure - Educational Video for Kids
When the kids dig up a mysterious fossil, they are thrown back in time to uncover the secrets of creatures 65.5 MILLION years old. Join Natalia, and her little brother Michael, as they learn all about the lives of dinosaurs!

Fire Safety Video for Kids - Featuring Mayor Wu & Fire Commissioner Burke
When a SCARY fire threatens Natalia and Michael’s cookies 🔥🍪, they turn to Boston’s Mayor Wu and Fire Commissioner Burke for assistance! 😱 A special thank you to Mayor Michelle Wu and Fire Commissioner Paul Burke for their continued support!

First Time Babysitting - Natalia's Babysitting Nightmare!
Natalia learns how hard babysitting is when her first babysitting job quickly turns into a disaster.

It's OK to Cry - Natalia's World
Natalia learns the importance of being kind to others after causing her brother Michael to cry.

Road Safety for Kids - Natalia's World
Join Natalia and Michael as they learn how to cross the street safely from the Owls while on their way to an important soccer game. Includes a special furry guest appearance!

The 50 States Song for Kids - Natalia's World
Follow Natalia and Michael as they learn all about the 50 United States!

How To Save the Environment: Protecting Trees
When an evil bulldozer comes to tear down Natalia’s favorite tree, the kids need to take action fast! Natalia and Michael learn to treat Mother Nature with respect.

How To Unplug and Reconnect Without an iPad
In this episode, Michael gets a little too attached to his ipad. Find out how Natalia, her parents, and the Red and Blue owls help him disconnect and get back to the real world.

How To Ace a Math Test
After Selena helps Natalia with her soccer technique, Natalia has to decide whether she should let Selena copy her answers on a math test.

How To Stand Up to a Bully
A bully steals Michael’s toy dinosaur and pushes him down on the school playground. Natalia and Michael learn the best way protect each other and to stand up for themselves with a little help from the owls….and Natalia’s judo instructor!

How To Be a Good Friend: A Lesson in Friendship
Natalia learns an important lesson about what it means to be a true friend in the premiere episode of Natalia’s World! Join Natalia and the wise owls that live inside her moral compass in her latest adventure.